Most Cakes can be Cupcakes!
"Layer Cakes(6 inch to 14 inch)"

Chocolate Perfection
Moist, rich chocolate cake with a deep, dark chocolate buttercream frosting.
$30 - $190
An amazing combination of mandarin orange, pineapple and pistachio. Filled with pineapple whip cream and topped with coconut (serve chilled).
$45 -$275
Sunshine Day Cake
The colors of the rainbow are featured in this moist cake. Each layer is flavored with real, ripe fruit—not extracts. Strawberry, Pineapple, Orange, Blackberry, Lime, and Vanilla. Bright, fruity layers topped with delicious cream cheese frosting.
$45 - $300
Banana Maple
Moist banana and cinnamon cake with maple buttercream frosting and toasted walnuts.
$34 - $195
Strawberry Joy
Fresh strawberry cake filled with fresh whipped cream or pineapple whip cream and topped with a light strawberry frosting (serve chilled).
$35 -$195
Red Velvet Cake
A southern favorite with rich cream cheese frosting.
$35 -$195 ($37-$197 w/ pecans)
Harvest Carrot Cake
Fragrant moist carrot cake studded with fruit and walnuts,surrounded by cream cheese frosting.
$35 -$195
Heavenly German Chocolate Cake
Tender,moist cake paired with rich and creamy toasted coconut-pecan frosting.
Mini Wedding Cakes
Give tiny wedding cakes as favors to your guests. Or grant each table with their very own Wedding Cake! From 3-10 inches tall.
$8-$40(Price may vary with custom designs.)

Custom designs and inscriptions begin at $10
1/2 sheet cakes available-$85
Wedding cakes begin at $5.00 per slice