Paradise Cupcakes
Mandarin orange cake filled with pineapple whip cream.Topped with pistachio frosting,a sprinkling of coconut,and a maraschino cherry. Adorable presentation!
$45 doz.
16oz. Coffee Toffee Pecans
Over 1lb. of pure delicious addiction!
Bananas Fosters Pie
A graham crust filled with creamy banana custard,a cinnamon,buttery,caramel,rum-infused banana layer,topped with fresh caramel whipped cream.Sooo good!
Available as Mini Dessert Parfaits!
Gluten Free Fruit Crisps
Apple, Cherry, or Peach (The crisp is a dessert that comes in a pan like a cobbler)
Small Gift Basket
This sweet gift comes with 1 cupcake (Red Velvet, Chocolate Perfection, Vanilla Fudge, Plain Jane, or Chefs Choice of the Day) and 3 cookies (Chocolate Chip, Beyond the Oreo, and The Special Cookie of the Day) all wrapped up pretty!
$12 each.
Minimum order of 2.
Red Velvet Truffles
Red velvet perfection enrobed in a shiny chocolate shell. It's candy! It's cake! It's awesome!
$18 for a doz.

Custom designs and inscriptions begin at $10
1/2 sheet cakes available-$85